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Monday, 17 January 2011

D-Day minus 7

The interviews for Woman Kind are going to be done on the 24th January, which is one week today - every time my phone beeped off today with an email I was scared to open it in case it was a generic rejection notice, but I haven't heard anything from them yet and I don't know if this is bad or good... To be fair though, the closing day was only Friday ,so maybe I should give them a chance to actually have a look through the applications!!

I went along this morning and did one of the volunteering projects that I'm involved in.  Monday's one is at a Chinese centre on Hill Street and we spend a couple of hours talking to the women there about they're experiences coming over from China and building a life here, etc.  Most of them don't speak much (or any) English but they're all really nice and friendly and they smile away all the time.  We have a Chinese girl there who works as a translator and she asks them questions and then we put together scrap-book pages for each woman based on what they told us.  Then we whip out all the arts & crafts and they all go wild!  Glitter and glue dots, and sparkly butterflies, and anything bright and shiny and sticky, they just can't get enough!  It's really good fun and all the woman that come along seem to have a good time.

Afterwards I went round to my granny's with some lunch, and discovered that my granny likes sushi!  I had one of the wee lunch box sized packs from M&S and she had a couple of the wee seaweed rolls.  She also inadvertantly ate a handful of ginger in one go, and, despite claiming to love ginger, I think she was feeling the heat for a wee while afterwards!  Anyway, I never thought my granny would like sushi but now that she does.... hello Yo! Sushi!  Oh, yes.  Even though the lovely hot sushi chef man appears to not work there any more - I have a good stare in the window every time I pass, and I've been in many times with ALA and KM and have never seen him again since that one time I chatted to him and decided to marry him.  Hot and he makes sushi, what more could you ask for, really?

Anyway, I won't hold his absence against Yo! Sushi because it really is my favourite eatable place in the town, and I think I'll introduce my granny to it's conveyor belt of joy one day soon.  Last time I went with my mum she couldn't get enough and ended up with a mountain of plates at the end.  I think she only realised what she'd done when it came to adding up time.

I happen to have not 1, but 2 vouchers that get me 40% off a bill at Yo! Sushi so if anyone fancies a bit of Japanese delight just give me a holler and I'm there!

After saying that the yoga class yesterday was a load of crap, today I must admit that I can feel a good pull in my legs and thighs.  It's not sore but just quite satisfying, in a way, so maybe I'll go back to the class this week.  I guess it can't hurt, eh?

A lovely, simple pearl on a short silver chain.  I love it!
 Oh yeah, today I went in to Accessorize and bought a wee chain for myself - I still had a gift voucher to spend and I'd been saving it til I saw something that really caught my eye, and today, I saw this:

 I think, in the interest of actually being able to sleep tonight, I'm going to say Sayonara to the laptop and get the lavender oil going in my room.  Sometimes I wish I had something stronger.  If you could get liquid Rohypnol I'd skoosh that on my pillow and catch the express train to the land of Nod.  As it it, I'll need to make do with the lavender and hope for the best.

Hasta la proxima!

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