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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Happy Day

This morning I went for lunch with my granny again, and we 'popped in' to this shop near my house, round in Cathcart on the way.  It's a place called Cuckoo and it sells fancy clothes for older people.  I mean, some of it's nice but it's definitely aimed at people my mum's age more than people my age.  Well, my mum and granny go in all the time and so they're quite good friends with the owner and the people who work there.  We ended up there for about 2 hours or something, my mum was trying on loads of stuff (everything was half price in the sale) and my granny was trying stuff on, and I was sitting on a big couch passing judgement on everything they tried. 

After a while the woman brought us over a wee table, stuck a white table cloth on it, lighted a candle and then poured three glasses of rose wine!  Talk about service. 

 In the end my mum bought a lovely wee top (that I picked out, Oh yes, I know my stuff) and my granny picked out a top and then another top (again, my suggestion. I should do this for a living.)

I found this amazing feather headpiece, that is beyond cool. It's black, so when it's on you can't totally tell where my hair begins and the feathers start. I think I'll wear it to MM's cocktail birthday party if it goes ahead (and now that I have this to wear, I will most definitely be campaigning for it!) and then I might wear it again to my cousin's wedding in June.  Good times. Good glamour-tastic times.

After that we went for lunch, and I had a tasty big plate of pork ribs and BBQ sauce, plus - natch - red wine.  Now that's what I call a good day out with the fam.  Only problem is, if I keep eating - and drinking - like this, I'll end up the size of a house!  You can cut out all the carbs you want, but the red wine is just as bloody bad!  Tasty though, there's no denying it.

Woooo, I just got a text from KM saying that she's having a flat-warming party on Saturday to celebrate her awesome new pad.  Very excited about this.  In fact it's so exciting, it might even be worthy of my feather hair-band!

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