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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Place your votes now!

For signing up to the La Redoute site, I got sent an e-voucher that will get me £10 off... when I spend £20 or more.  Now, these trousers I want are only £15, but there were a couple of other things that I liked the look of, for a tenner (give or take).  I'm going to post a few pics and let you all cast your votes of fashion advice, on which one I should get! 

All you have to is post a comment at the bottom with the one you approve of, and tomorrow afternoon I'll decide and place my order.

Interactive blogging - loves it!

VOTE purple vest (these are £6 for the two)

VOTE studded vest (£5)

VOTE ankle boots (these are a barginous £11, down from £39)

 VOTE slogan t-shirt (£6)

VOTE "square vest" (£5)

1 comment:

  1. ankle boots since you sent the other ones back :)