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Friday, 30 July 2010

TFI Friday

Ahhhh, Friday.  Payday, which is depressing only when I see the teensy amount deposited in my bank account. Is it worth it? no, not really. Which is where skiving comes in – I don’t feel bad about skiving cos I don’t feel that I’m paid enough to really care.  If I got a 50% wage increase I’d happily give up facebook at work.

I am so hungry and there’s still 2 hours and 20 min til lunch! I don’t think I can make it, I’m going to have to split my break in two and take ten min in the morn and grab some grub.  My bosses have kept out the way so far this morn which is good news for me, but I’m pretty sure the older boss (Big Boss) will come up from the workshop in an hour or so with a list of crap for me to do again.  Sometimes I really hate my job.

Meh. Stupid Katy Perry on the radio for the 5th time this morning. California Gurls. Gurls with a Glasgow accent? Maybe she’s embracing long-lost Scottish roots. Like that john barrowman. Ever seen him when he suddenly goes into a pure west coast accent? Bizarre.

Label time, playing with my label maker trumps blogging.

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