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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Long overdue

It was pointed out to me that I haven't written my blog in ages, and it's shamefully true, I've fallen behind ever since London.

So, here's a quick update:  London was awesome!  We went to see Kate Rusby in the Regents Park Open air Theatre, which is lovely - a wee small venue set in the trees and surrounded by fairy lights.  Kate Rusby was loaded with the cold but soldiered on and played a lovely set, and even the rain kept off for her set (though we did get a wee bit rained on during the support act).  Here's a pic of the stage/theatre and of Kate Rusby and band playing.

We also went for a curry in a wee place in Tooting Bec, where KH lives and it was tasty and hung out in a nice pub which was surprisingly quiet (i.e.: we managed to get a table) for a Saturday night.  I was sure I knew how to get to KH's flat when I got off the tube but I ended up going the wrong damn way and getting a bit lost. Very annoying.  Never mind, I made it in the end! 

We went to Spittalfield market, where I got a lovely red polka dot scarf (which went on to dye the collar of my mac red but never mind) and then went for a tasty roast lunch.  And on the Monday we went to Portobello Road market which was cool.  Because it was a week day it was quite quiet but it was nice to be able to wander about, and it's a lovely area with all the wee houses painted different colours and the funky signs advertising different shops and cafes.  This is a pic of me outside the bookshop as seen in Notting Hill.  (Wearing my new scarf, too!)  No sign of Hugh Grant though.

I called up The Wright Stuff (a news/chat show on Channel 5) and got me & KH a place in the audience so we went along and watched that being filmed.  It was a bit cringe cause there were only about 20 people in the audience  but I thought it was fun.  Not sure KH was impressed but to her credit she didn't complain at all!  We had to leave the flat at 7:30am to get there on time (I say 'on time' - we were still 20 minutes late) and the show lasted about two hours. So afterwards we popped into a nice wee Spanish/Italian cafe and then on to Portobello.

I had booked myself a ticket on the Greyhound bus to get home because it was only £12.  Well... on their website it makes it sound luxurious and comfortable, and frankly, it was neither of those things.  My seat didn't recline, I didn't notice any extra leg/arm space (in face there was no inside arm rest) and the air conditioning wasn't working.  I got there with little time to spare so got on almost last and ended up sitting opposite the toilet, whose door wouldn't stay shut.  So, all in all, I would not recommend them.  On the other hand, it was only £12, and probably no worse than the Megabus, so if saving the pennies is your biggest criteria then go for it.  Personally, I'll be flying next time.

I do love London, and I'm very grateful to my amiga KH for putting me up every time the urge takes me to go.  Not only does she put me up and often provide food, but she also takes me about and steers me through the Tube and tried her best to stop me getting lost, though this is really too big for one person to manage alone!

Thanks, KitKat!

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