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Friday, 15 July 2011

Well this changes everything...

So, I am off to London tomorrow to see Kate Rusby play, and to spend some quality amiga-time with KH.  I have it all planned out but the sudden news that it's to pour with rain all weekend - I confirmed with BBC weather, and it looks like it's true - kind of threw me and I had to rethink all the clothes I'm going to take.  Obviously I want to take the minimum cause it's only 2 days and I thought I could float about in dresses and sandals - totally lightweight!  But now that it's to rain I have to think waterproof and warm.  My fave (and only) boots have holes in the soles (again) so I ran to the cobblers this morning and flashed a winning smile and he agreed to re-sole and re-heel them for tomorrow morning.  So shoe-wear is sorted, and if I stick in some tights I can still go with the dresses and just sling my mac over the top, even though it could do with a dry clean.


One of the things I'd thought of doing was going to be in the audience for The Wright Stuff - my unemployment means that I watch it pretty much every morning now, and they're always giving you the number to call if you want free tickets.  But I forgot to call and I figured that today was too short notice - until I logged on to Facebook and two mins later a notice from The Wright Stuff page said they were still looking for audience members!  So I rang them straight up and left a message, and now I'm just waiting on someone calling back to confirm.  KH has the day off work so I hope she'll be up for it, I think it'll be great fun, I'm really looking forward to it!  So now I need to find something awesome to wear cause I'm gonna be on TV!

First the World War Z extras audition; now The Wright Stuff... maybe I'm meant for a career in show biz after all! ;-)

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