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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Party Update

Well, V's party was great fun: lots of tasty food, a mad Chinese drinking game - a wee bit like Ring of Fire but much better - and some good tunes.  My cake was a big hit, I think the most random thing anyone said to me all night was, 'Baking is my forte, and that's a quality sponge!'

Even through a slight beer haze I thought that was random!  He kept going on about how he loved cooking and baking, so I think he expected my cake to be crap.  I guess I should be honoured that he liked it so much, ha ha.

The next morning was a bit mad, with V finishing her packing and weighing her case and giving away stuff she couldn't take, then a taxi bolt to the train station to go to Prestwick.  Still, she made it OK, so it's all good.  I'm really going to miss her, she's so lovely.  It's quite random how we met but as soon as we did we became really good friends.  I think she's just one of those people, she's so nice and kind that everyone that meets her loves her.  So now she's away back to Italy, until at least September.  She has a really good job opportunity there and after a bad accident on her bike here about a month ago I think she wanted to go home for a bit.  But she says maybe she'll come back to Glasgow after the summer, so we'll see.

So, today is Fathers' Day, and at first I had no idea what to buy my dad until one day I got a blast of inspiration and bought him a new dressing gown.  That might sound like a boring present but you have to know my dad to appreciate the genius of it:  as soon as he can in the evening he puts his fleecy jammies on (another present from me, I might add!) and his dressing gown, and then settles down on the couch.  So, I found this uber soft, fleecy dressing gown - in a size small, the only one I found in any of the shops I tried! - and got him that.  He's well chuffed with it, he kept saying it was 'a cracker' and when he tried it on I don't think he wanted to take it off!  Present success!

My mum and granny are coming back from Tenerife tonight, they don't land til about midnight in Prestwick so I hope they've no delays or anything.  And my bro is away for his first trip to Ireland this weekend.  He was going to a 21st party in Droughada last night, and today he's spending the day in Dublin.  According to my dad, he was so hungover this morning that he couldn't even stomach the free Irish breakfast that he got in the B&B - which was one of the things he was looking forward to!  You know it must've been a good night when my brother isn't hungry the next day, I'm glad I'm not sharing a room with him, that's all I'm saying.

Anyway, I hope he has a good time, he's been desperate to go to Ireland for years now, I don't know why he never made it before.  I'm sure he'll love Dublin and Temple Bar.  I suggested doing the tour of the Guinness brewery but he pointed out that 'I don't really care how it's made, I just want to drink it.'

Fair enough, I suppose!

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