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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Viva España

Before you all think I´m wasting my time blogging when I should be out holidaying, I´m just waiting on hearing back from someone on Facebook about meeting this afternoon - totally miss being able to use my blackberry and check Facebook on the go!

So far the weather has been lovely, having a great time catching up with people etc.  It´s very strange - when you´ve lived somewhere and you go back for a visit you feel like you´ve never left but then cause I´m not going to work or anything I still get the holiday vibe!

Had a bit of a crazy weekend, the details of which will never be put to the public in my blog! Suffice it to say, money was spent, a hangover was had, but it was totally worth it.  Good times.

That´s all for now, I´m off to catch some serious rays...

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