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Thursday, 19 May 2011


That Madonna knew what she singing about alright, holidays rock!  How do I know?  Because in approximately 39 hours I will be jetting off to sunny (it better be sunny!) Valencia for a ten day spree!  Saturday morning I'll be hopping a flight to London and after the Hours Of Boredom In Stansted Airport (of which I am now, unfortunately, a connoisseur) I get another plane to Valencia.

In the interest of saving money I decided to only take hand luggage and this leaves me with the interesting challenge of making sure I have enough to wear for ten days and nine nights in a small suitcase weighing no more than 10 kilos.  So far I'm about 3/4 packed and I'm at about 7 kilos though I still have to stick a few things in.  The key, dear reader, is all in mixing-and-matching it up.  Loads of nice separates but nothing goes in unless it can be worn with at least two other items on the list.  Also, a few things like jumpsuits (hurrah!) and was-maxi-now-midi (thanks, belt) dresses are whole outfits in one go! 

Having obliging pals to put you up and provide towels and other stodgy space-stealers is also recommended.  I have a lush pair of new wedges to grace the pavements of Spain, too.  From New Look, and with a much appreciated 20% discount, here they are.  Crafty New Look don't seem to let you copy pics off their website so you'll have to go and have a swatch.

I'm not always convinced by wedges, especially when they become so ubiquitous over the summer months, but I love these - they're like my lovely shiny spike heels in a similar colour, but done down for summer.  It must be said that wedges go well with maxi dresses, especially when you're vertically challenged like me, and this lovely nude colour really lengthen the legs.  I think they'll go with everything and (fingers crossed) be comfy for hitting the cobbles in search of Sangria!

In other news...

The beautiful Grecian dress I got for my cousin's wedding was a bit small in the waist (bloody vintage!) and it needed altered a bit, despite my gym efforts.  Well, I was terrified to have it taken out in case it ruined the drop of it and the lovely shape, but I'm happy to report that I had a shorter zip put in the back which means I can do it up fully now, and not only is it now a perfect fit but you would never even know it had been altered.  The woman that did it is a lovely lady called Andrina and you can check out her alterations website here.  It took just one week and was a very reasonable £8.  So there you go - don't throw out your favourite trousers after a summer of excess - just get them altered and have another slice of cake!

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