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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lush Review

First impression of Aqua Marina face cleanser following my earlier post :  my skin has come out red and itchy, I feel as if my skin has been completely stripped of its natural oils and, conversely, feel as though I haven't really washed my face at all.  Even after a layer of Bio Oil and my intense Body Shop night cream, my skin is feeling really dry, tight and sensitive.  If I wanted something that stripped my skin and left it dried out I'd go for a normal facewash full of the chemicals you expect that from.

This is the last time I'll be buying any Lush products for my face.  I'm so unimpressed I've just thrown the rest of the Aqua Marina sample in the bin.

Total Lush fail. 


  1. Oh dear, sounds awful at least it was only a sample and not a whole bottle. Have you tried Boots Cold Cream? I've heard good things about this and it takes makeup off and moisturises too. Also, Elemis have a great chamomile cleanser which takes off everything and an apricot toner which I use and they're fab. A bit more expensive but they last ages and skin care is an investment.

  2. Aww, how rotten! I'm a bit scared of lush in general, packaging etc makes me feel like my sensitive skin with burst out in boils or something, same with Soap and Glory - despite great reviews online I still just steer clear!

    I cannot recommend the Botanics Clensing balm (hot cloth) enough - my skin feels really incredible after, so soft and lovely. Hope your face is feeling better! xx