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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Baby Face is no more

My all-time favourite Lush product, Baby Face, has been discontinued and I am not impressed.  It was a great solid cleanser for your face, it removed all my makeup, kept my skin uber soft and really cleared up any spots or red patches I had.

I've tried 4 other face products so far (demanding free samples in-store) and nothing compares to it.  I really like using Baby Face cause it was so gentle and full of natural goodies.  Now I'm thinking I might have to try The Body Shop, though I still don't think anything they have will compare!

Not a happy face bunny at the mo'.  I wrote to the customer care department at Lush to complain about it being stopped.  If you've ever tried it, or you just fancy doing me a favour, write a quick email and tell them you miss it too!      Thanks guys!

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