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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Gym Fail

Or is it a success?  Fine line, hard to tell etc etc.

Yesterday I trotted along to an LBT class (that Legs, Bums & Tums for those who aren't in the loop).  I've been to one of these before and it was fine - fairly hard going on the bum muscles, a few sit-ups, a few squats, nothing too bad.  Well, imagine my surprise when I went to the class at the other gym and it was a total killer!  I wouldn't have been surprised to leave that class and discover a whole new backside in the mirror!  Alas, it didn't work quite so fast, but I'm sure it will if I keep going.   *If*... Haven't decided yet!

Anyway, I thought I'd keep up my good work and signed up for a flurry of classes this week.  So today was spinning and away I went.  My bike was crap and cause I was one of the last ones in the class I couldn't change it.  My saddle was sitting at a funny angle and wasn't at all comfy.  Not a good start to the week for my poor bahookie!! 

Anyway, the class was fine, but my back is a wee bit sore and I think it's from the weights we used in LBT yesterday.  That's right, weights - I didn't see that one coming either.  What have hand weights got to do with your L, B or T?  Anyway, my lower back is feeling quite sore and I probably shouldn't have gone to spinning this morn, although I didn't notice it hurting whilst I was doing the class, just before and after!  I guess popping into Argos on the way home and buying a wee set of dumbbells to cart home didn't help either!

I think I'll take a day off tomorrow, I was meant to be going to an aerobics class, but instead I'll try some yoga (still have my amazing bargin-tastic voucher for the Merchant City yoga centre, thank you Groupon!)

I will, though, be going back to use the gym suite at the Gorbals - it's further away from my house, which is why I never go unless it's for a class, but today I popped in for ten mins before spinning (rookie spinning mistake - should have spent those ten mins picking and adjusting my bike!) and not only do they have loads more machines, including ones I've never seen before - one that looked like a trampoline with an elastic rope attached, I think it was one of those weird vibrating ones... but also, their cardio machines have built in TV screens and you can pick your channels!  So much better than the gash music channel they play at Holyrood, which is always on too loud, is full of ads (I hate adverts!) and only seems to have about 10 songs on rotation.  One of which is always Bruno Mars in some shape or form!

I think a trip to the Gorbals would be well worth it in terms of working-out entertainment!  Right now though, I'm considering a bath or a hot water bottle for my back!

Have orchestra practice tonight which I can't be arsed with, but I should go.  Even though it means missing the new season of CSI!  Sometimes I don't know how I make it at all!

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