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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Viva Italia!

Well, today I waved my best chum off as he set out on his Italian adventure.  Through a good bit of luck, good timing, and my eagle eye for an interesting Facebook update, I found out about a job going in Sicily, recommended Ewen, he applied et voila!  Ten days later he jumped a flight and he should be there now!

I really hope it goes well for him, I'm sure he'll have a wonderful time, and even though I'll miss him, I'm so happy for him!  Also, apparently he'll have a spare room in his flat so I see my first trip to Italy somewhere in thnear future!  Assuming I ever have enough money to go, of course.

On that note, I completed and submitted my application for the job going at Glasgow Women's Library today.  If I get an interview it'll be on the 15th May, so not for another 3 weeks or so.  It sounds like the most amazing opportunity, so I really hope I get it.  Collective fingers crossed, please.

Didn't get much sleep last night, after being out for wine with KH and then getting up at 6am to high-tail it to Prestwick airpoort to see ED off!  So, after finishing my application, I've been pretty much lounging about streaming episodes of Frasier!  Now I'm having a cup of tea and dunking a chocolate bunny in, head-first.  Good Easter times.

Not much else to report today, so I think I'll head back to my Frasier marathon.  Hope everyone's having a lovely sunny Tuesday!

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