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Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday, Monday

Even when you're not working, Monday's are a bit crap.  For some reason I woke up in a bit of a bad mood this morning and it hasn't really gone away all day.  I think I'm just tired; even though I was knackered yesterday I couldn't sleep til about 2am and then I was up at 8 to go to my volunteering at the Glasgow YWCA.  So, early night tonight, I guess.

I applied for a job at Glasgow airport, so I'm really hoping I get an interview for that, cross your collective fingers, please!  The closing date for applications is the 1st April, so I guess I'll have to be patient. Hmm.

On the way home from the YWCA this morning I bought a nice wee bag, and a pair of shoes from (shhhhh!) Primark.  I don't usually buy anything in Primark cause the stuff is such bad quality and everyone wears the same things, but I did see a wee satchel-bag that I really liked so I went in and bought it, and I saw a nice wee pair of Nautical-style ballet pumps so I bought them too.  I'll take some pics and post them here, whenever I get around to it!

I'm loving all things striped at the mo' - I found a tshirt in my room that wasn't mine (maybe my dad's or my brother's) but it's white with narrow navy stripes and it fits! So... it's mine now! Score.

It's been a good few days for cheap clothing gains.  We had the Glasgow Feminist Network funday on Saturday and part of what we organised was a clothes swap - there was just a table with a mountain of clothes that people had brought along and you could rummage through and help yourself. I got two skirts and a dress, love it!  I'll post pics of them, too.  I'm wearing one of the skirts today but I discovered (after leaving the house, of course) that the zip is a bit unreliable, it keeps falling down! I think a wee pin will be enough to sort it out, so I'll keep the skirt.  It's a lovely green shade with black graphic roses printed on.  It's quite short and it has pockets. I love skirts with pockets for some reason! I guess I just love being able to slouch my hands in my pockets as if it were a pair of jeans... but actually it's a pretty skirt. Best of both worlds.

We also watched t he animated film Persepolis and it was great, I'd really recommend it to anyone, and I'd like to see it again.  It's about a wee girl growing up in Iran during the time of the revolution and war, and then life there afterwards, but there are some funny bits and the animation is so lovely.  It also has a sweet soundtrack!

Tomorrow is *sigh* jobcentre day.  This last week has been slightly better on the job-searching front, I suppose, I've found a few decent-sounding jobs that I think I have a good shot at, so I've gone for those.  And I've found some really crap sounding ones that I can do so I've gone for them too. 

Lisa and Emma, in Valencia
I think at the end of May I'm going on holiday to Valencia, so I totally can't wait for that.  The flights are uber cheap so, Spanish air strikes not included, it should be good!  I'm hoping to get just over a week there, and I'll be staying with Lisa and/or Emma, so it'll be party and beach central!

Bakewell Tart
In very happy news, the lovely MM is out of hospital in London and will hopefully be heading back home very soon!  I think I'll bake a cake for the occasion.  Lemon drizzle cake, and coffee cake have been requested so I'll see what I can do.  One of the woman at the GFN meeting said that my baking was 'wonderful' - she was talking about my Bakewell tart (if you're interested in the recipe, you can get it here) before she knew it was mine.  Talk about chuffed!  She said I should do it professionally.  Well... I dunno about that but I'm still happy to give some new ones a go!


  1. coffee cake will always go down a storm for sure :) yummmm xxx

  2. OK, OK, coffee cake it is. i've actually just found a good recipe so I'll give it a go! :)