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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Don't Sweat It

Well, last week after my successful Spin Fit class, I trotted home and booked myself up for the same class this week.  This was all fine until last night when I realised that the class is at 10am and, frankly, I totally couldn't be bothered!

So, I set my alarm to get up at 8...and hit snooze for about half an hour.  Then by the time I rolled out of bed and got ready it was too late to get to the class on the bus. (Thanks, First Glasgow.)  To make up for that I decided to go to the gym this evening.  I signed myself up for a Pilates class and headed to the gym half an hour early, so I could do a punishing interval routine on the bikes.  Well, OK, it was hard but it wasn't that punishing. Still though... 

The Pilates class was good, but I don't feel as sore in the tummy muscles as I did after my last one.  There are two possible reasons for this: 1) I've gotten better at it, and it wasn't such a shock to the muscles, or 2) I wasn't working the abs as hard as I could have been.  I'll wait til tomorrow morning, judge the pain levels and then let you know! 

The teacher said that it's harder for women to build up good tummy muscles and/or get a 6-pack because the testosterone levels in men make it easier to form muscle mass.  So there you go:  Muffin Top is not your fault. Fact!

In light of planning a holiday (ha, I just typed 'party' when I meant 'holiday' - that pretty much sums up what I'm planning to do while I'm there!) at the end of May, and hopefully spending a good proportion of the time on the beach, I'm trying to get my arse into gear and keep up the work-outs.  I'm totally fine once I get into it, but as soon as I miss a planned gym-slot I'm screwed and I fall off the exercise wagon for a week or so, and then I psych myself up to go back...and so the cycle (gettit?) continues.

But no! This time I will keep going, and I will only fall off the wagon when its due to exhaustion and not even my hyper-toned core Pilates muscles can save me!  This is the plan, and I fully intend to stick to it...  I don't have a picture of me at the gym, so I did a quick Google, and I found this photo here, which is pretty accurate.  Y'know, except for the obvious:

I would never have that hair.

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