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Saturday, 12 February 2011


Too Much Cava.  Oh well.

Last night was MM's birthday cocktail-extravaganza in the ever-obliging RJ's flat.  It's one of those big new flats down in Finnieston: big living room, big windows with big view, a mezzanine and two bathrooms.  What more do you need in a party?  I'll tell you what else: cupcakes.  There were little piles of cupcakes all over the place and they were uber tasty.  I wish I'd thought to steal some and bring them home.  I did get a party bag, though, which was a genius touch.  No-one seemed to be taking them so I think me and LW both got about 3.  Wouldn't want them to go to waste y'know!

Everyone was all glammed up and looking very nice, I stuck some pics on my Facebook but somehow managed to not get a pic of my own dress!  How did this happen!?  I can't quite believe it but I think LW took one so I'll have to harangue her into posting them online.  And now that I work opposite her, this shouldn't be too hard.  Ha!  Slowly but surely me and my gals are taking over Byres Road.  We need someone down the other end now, though.  Who wants a job in Oran Mor?!  So far we're sorted for clothes, shoes and snackables (KM works in Little Italy) so all we need now is a beer connoisseur and we're sorted!

Anyway, woke up with a bit of a Cava head this morning, but a good strong cup of coffee (cup number 2 is due about now) and a killer bacon sandwich (Spanish tomato-toast meets Scottish bacon sandwich = one happy Clara) sorted me right out.

Back working in the shop 2-6 today, and I'm trying to decide what to wear.  Hmmm.  Might go for the tiger top my granny gave me, but not sure what to wear with it.  To much pressure, too little sleep.  Damn.

I think I'm starting to ramble.  The one thing I am going to wear is my Crown Jewell ring.  I'm thinking I should maybe take the security with me and have them watch the door, wouldn't want anyone to steal it.  You might be thinking that it looks a bit familiar:  I can't believe that Kate Middleton had the nerve to copy my ring.  If you take a proper look though, you might notice that mine is actually bigger than her's...

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