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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Step Away, That Dress Is Mine!

Well, that's what I think everytime I see someone pick up a dress that I like love in We Love To Boogie.  No-one's actually tried it on yet, but if they do, I might cry.  Or grab it off them before they can pay for it and run away, Road Runner-style, down Byres Road.  Anyone who buys that dress will be my Coyote.  Meep meep!

Might try it on next time I'm in and see if it fits, I'm not sure it'll be big enough for my boobs.  At least if it doesn't fit then I can stop lusting after it.  There's also a pair of trousers that look like jammy bottoms that I quite like.  I can already tell this job is not going to be lucrative for me.  Wages in pocket; wages back out pocket and the dress is mine.

Tonight is a sofa-lovin'-CSI-watchin'-jammy-wearin' chill out.  I bought a tub of Mackies Honeycomb ice cream and I think I'll get that in the next ad break.  Good times.  My mum says I'm like that Abbey out of NCIS.  I quite like her, so it's OK.  The big event of the night will be CSI: NY, mostly for the hot men than anything else to be honest.  Ice cream, jammies, and Carmine Giovinazzo.  

Lazy Saturday night of joy.

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