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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I Can't Find My Gloves

Long, over-the-elbow black gloves.  I love them and suddenly decided to wear them to the cocktail party on Friday but I've been thwarted because I can't bloody find them.  I have a vague memory of not beiong able to find them before I moved to Spain.  And it seems that in my two year absence they didn't magically show up! 

Whilst I was there I bought a cheap satin-y pair in a 1€ 'fashion' shop, and though I managed to find them (in the bottom of a bag, in the bottom of my wardrobe, natch), when I tried them on again I decided they look like Batman gloves.  Not long enough and too shiny. I want my amazing ones back!  I think this story is going to go the same way as my favourite belt.  Lost, never to be found again, but (it's been years) I'll never forget it!

Looks like the party outfit will be sans gloves then, but I am wearing crystally-sparkly kitten heels with my lush maxi dress, so it's all good.  I might also wear my feather-bedecked hair band for it's premiere outting!  Very excited now!

Meeting MM tomorrow, before my interview at We Love To Boogie (how excited am I?!  Wearing the turban, in honour of the occassion.), and might pop in to see LW in her cushty shoe-shop job where I might be able to try on some shoes I can't afford and dance to some tunage while LW doesn't even pretend to work.  I love her boss and I've never even met her.

Must stop obsessing about those bloody gloves or I'll never get to sleep!
Night all! (Not Nytol.  Though maybe that'd help me sleep. Hmm...)

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  1. Good luck at the interview- Bet you will look FIERCE! see you fri glamerous lady xxxx