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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Easily distracted

I was going to do a blog post based on florals, after my auntie mentioned something about flower-prints being in fashion for S/S '11.  I headed to the Debenhams website to do a bit of 'research' and on the first page was a big advert for MAC 'Peacock' makeup, and it looks fab!  I was immediately distracted and had to go and have a look!  I love MAC stuff anyway, but some of these colours look awesome.  Lovely jewel blues and greens, and high pigmented shadows, and a Lipglass in blue!  It's probably one of those ones that looks very blue in the tube but when you put it on it's mostly clear with a very subtle blue tinge, makes your teeth look whiter, dontcha know.  Bourjois do a similar one.  Actually when I was younger I had a gloss that actually was a bit blue, and it was really cool!  Think I got it from some cheap brand and it's probably been discontinued now.  Oh well.

Anyway.  Enough peacocks, back to the florals.  I had a quick glance through the Designers at Debenhams and nothing really caught my eye, so I moved onto Zara - always a go-to for nice dresses, I find. 

Zara, 'flower dress', £25.99
 This one here is quite pretty:  a large floral, but in a slightly 'watercolour' style, rather than being really bold and graphic.  This softer type of print could be in danger of looking a bit frumpy, but the nipped in waist and above-the-knee length keeps it modern.  I think this would be quite a flattering wee dress. If you have big boobs the high neckline might give you the dreaded Shelf Boobs, though the pleats down the front should help minimise this effect.

Topshop, by 'Love', £34.
 On next, to Topshop, who have quite a lot to offer in the floral department right now.  I like this white/purple one here.  More of a summer dress than a winter-into-spring, I would say, mainly because of what you'd have to wear with it.  I think thick black tights would be too heavy, and it's not warm enough for bare legs, unless you're much braver than me!  However, i like the print and the colours of this.  Not too bright, but that purple is an attractive, and slightly more unusual colour.  Again, pleats down it make it flattering, and you wouldn't notice creasing as much!  Bonus!

M&S, Per Una, £45
M&S, as before
Here's one with a bigger flower print, from Marks and Spencer.  I like the colours on this one too, and a big print is far more flattering than a small one.  This comes with a black bolero, which I don't really like, but it is detachable so it's not so bad.  A nice length, to just below the knee (that 'midi' length that's all over the place just now), and wee short sleeves that give it the casual look of a t-shirt dress on the top half.  I think I'd maybe like this better if it were sleeveless, but it does have a more casual feel about it with the wee sleeves that it has, perfect for during the day, and because it's a bit longer than the others, you could sling a cardi over the top of it (a nice vibrant pink-purple!) and it would like fine.

Ahh, now Blogger is starting to act up, so I think I'll post this before it disappears on me!  Also, my granny's coming round for lunch so I'd better go and get ready!

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