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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I got sunshine

That's right, it's a lovely sunny day day!  I got the bus to the jobcentre but walked back cos it's so nice out!  Not even that cold, and most of the treacherous ice has melted now.  With hindsight, I wish I'd worn my hairy, white, yeti gillet instead of my coat.  I could have teamed it with my ginormous hairy, white yeti bag, which RJ gave me (she of the lovely beauty blog - check it out, for all your beaut needs!)

Went to the jobcentre, and it was alright, in the end.  First of all, I went through the usual set-up:  I get in bang on time, and then sit for ten minutes while the person who should be dealing with my loiters by someone else's desk talking.  Then they wander about seemingly aimlessly, then finally call me over, before saying they haven't had a chance to look at my profile yet. Oh really, haven't had a chance, eh? You've been shooting the breeze for ten minutes and keeping me waiting!    In this sort of scenario there is really only one thought to keep you going:  Free money, free money, free money.  Sometimes when I think of how little you get on jobseekers it almost doesn't seem worth the evils of going there every two weeks!  But I only think that because I have a little bit of money saved up - as soon as that runs out and I'm properly dependant on my dole money I'm sure to change my tune!

So, Tuesday... Grazia day, which I bought before signing on.  V nice to see that Victoria Beckham is preggers again, maybe she'll have a wee girl this time. Wonder what she'd call her.  Hopefully not one of those mad names I heard she was thinking of last time for a girl, like Luna.  'Moon' for those of you who don't speak Spanish or Italian.  Not that that would really be any worse that 'Cross' (Cruz) to be fair.

Hmmm, any bets on what they'll call it?  Maybe Galaxy, to prove their loyalty the team?  If they had twins they could call the second one Dairy Milk.  Or... Obama?  Beverly, going on the same theme as Brooklyn [I'm assuming they live in Beverly Hills].  Or Juliet... but that might be slightly incestuous given they already have a Romeo.  Maybe Mercutio, then.  Closer to the time, I might start a poll, get your thinking caps on now, peeps.

I'm quite peckish now.  Had a wee breakfast but I might go for 'elevenses' and have a bagel and houmous.  Yums.  Oh crap, The Vanessa Show is coming on now.  Somehow I know even before it starts that I'm going to hate it.  Every time her ad comes on the TV my mum says, "She had a gastric band fitted... how come she's still so fat?" 

Shady, but true, Mother.  Ha ha, Vanessa just said something about Ann Widdecombe 'humping' about the Strictly dance floor and my mum went, "Bloody cheek! She's one to talk."

She's on now. And, yes, I'm already hating it.  Time to blog off and change the channel.  I mean, er, check S1jobs...


  1. why thanks lovely! Will pop yours up on mine asap, I want to see the bag with the coat- amazing!


  2. Haha, I will actually be a yeti! I'll take a pic for comefy value and stick it up. But not sure I'll be wearing it out. it's like makeup: eyes or lips, not both.

    yeti items: bag or gillet, but not both!!