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Saturday, 22 January 2011

A bit of a cheerier post...

Well, after being a bit of a grump most of the day and having an annoying and long journey through to Uddingston (long ticket queues, missed train, Pret a Manger closed when I'd planned to hop in for some Miso soup...), I made it to MM's and had a lovely night, hanging with the gurls.  LH & RJ were there too, and Mrs M made amazo steaks and chips for dinner.  I don't know how she does it, she always whips up such tasty meals for whoever happens to have popped in at a meal time!

I did get in to Boots before I got the train and I got my tinted moisturiser (using my Advantage Card points - hello, bargin!) and a bright pink glitter from Barry M.  I had a little pot of a silvery grey Dazzle Dust, but it was unopened, and still sealed, because when I bought it I got two at the same time and, despite testing them all up my arm, I managed to come away with two in a very similar shade.  The thing is, I think I got them in Superdrug, who had a bigger range than Boots... but today I chanced my arm, and returned the grey one and asked to swap it for the hot pink, which they did without any bother at all!  So, all in all, a very cheap and cheerful makeup shopping trip!

KM is having her flat-warming party tomorrow, so that's what I wanted the glitter for.  I don't know what my outfit will be yet, but I do know that I'm going for a kitchsy, dramatic make-up look that I've seen on the Lisa Eldridge blog, which is fantastic.  If you're into make-up and trying out new ideas/products/looks then I totally recommend it!  The videos are also great for passing a bored hour - something about her calm manner and slightly posh voice/accent makes them quite soothing!  I'm really looking forward to the party, and it seemed like the perfect time to go all out and get dressed up!

So, this is the look I'm going for:  I gave the glitter a quick trial at MM's, over the matching lipstick I already had, and it worked quite well, so I think it'll be even better when I do it all properly tomorrow.  Awesome. 

From this photo the glitter doesn't look all that fierce, but once it's on it really shows, and has quite an impact.  Loves it!  Think I'll take a straw to the party though, so I can drink without shedding sparkles all over the place, like some kind of half-cut Tinkerbell.

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