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Sunday, 16 January 2011

And streeeeeeeeeetch.

Went to the yoga class today, and unfortunately, I was less than impressed.  First of all, they had crap music playing the whole time, and then it wasn't anything like the yoga classes that I used to go to.  It was more an hour long stretching session than real yoga.  In fact, the only proper yogic position we did was the Downward Facing Dog (we did do a tree pose, but that was more Tai Chi than yoga!), which we did several times in between other moves, but even when we did that, it was only held for a few seconds each time and she didn't really talk you through it.  If I hadn't known how to do it I probably would have done it wrong.  Whereas when I went to the other class he talked you through everything, telling you exactly how to engage you muscles, and when to lock your knees or when to keep them loose, and how to really work on your posture.

When I came out of the other yoga classes, I felt like I'd used every single muscle in my body, and I felt like I was walking on air all the way home.  But after this class, I just felt that I'd kind of stretched my arms and legs, didn't feel like I'd done anything on my back at all.  And in the cooldown bit, all I could think of was how crap the music was - it was all dramatic, violin and piano stuff.  Full of vibrato and 'emotion' with a shite piano line.  Ach, I was just not at all impressed.

Having said all that, if all you wanted was a good stretching session and a bit of gentle exercise then I would recommend those classes (and, to be fair, the teacher was very nice), but if you want real yoga then find somewhere else.  I've now been to the yoga, Pilates), and Body Balance classes at the Glasgow Life gyms, and the three are essentially exactly the same.  Same movements, same music track, and all quite general.  Out of all the ones I tried, I think the Body Balance was the best, probable because when I went I knew it was going to be general and a mix of everything - Pilates, Yoga, and Tai Chi - whereas when I went to Yoga and Pilates, I expected much more from the class.  Oh well.  At least I didn't have to pay any extra for it, it's all included in my gym membership fee every month, which is why I stopped going to the class on a Saturday.  But now I'm considering going back there.  It's only a fiver a week, and really, you would spend that just going for a cup of coffee in the town!

Popped into Primark after the class, and I saw a pair of trousers very similar to the La Redoute ones that I've been talking about.  And the ones in Primark were £12!!  If they'd been about £5 I would have gone for them, but for the sake of an extra 3 quid, I think I'd rather have the decent ones.  I have a skirt and a cardi from La Redoute that are about 7 years old now (I'm a hoarder, what can I say?) and they're still in good nick.  Don't think the Primark ones would see a year!   I did see a very nice red vest in there, almost identical to the ones they do in Zara that I love.  Very soft and stretchy, good for wearing under V-necks, etc.  But (typical) they didn't have my size.  So either I'll go back and see if they have it later this week, or I'll see how much the ones in Zara actually are, cause I don't think they're too pricey, only a few pounds.  And, you can shop Zara online now, finally, sweet!

Ahh, my mum's just stuck on the Strictly Come Dancing fitness DVD that I got her for Christmas.  If you're into fitness DVDs, then this is as good as any, I think.  The music is quite catchy, and they do about 5 routines that you can choose from.  My mum's well into her dance exercises - she goes to Zumba, and she used to do Salsa-cise, which I think is what Zumba was before they revamped it.  Anyway, she does quite well, aided by a few extra puffs on the inhaler to keep the emphysema at bay. (!)  She's doing the Samba now, and really going for it, but she didn't look very impressed when she did a spin and came face to face with me, on the couch, tucking into a big slice of rhubarb pie.  Fair enough, I suppose...

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