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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Shop Til I Drop

So, after some un-gentle persuasion, my dad braved Silverburn on his own and got a bracelet and a book for my mum for her birthday.  So all is now well in Smeaters-Land.  Me and Paul are taking everyone for a swanky breakfast tomorrow morning, then we're hitting the Swarovski shop to buy the ring my mum wants.  Paul and dad were unconvinced by the sound of Brown's but I checked the menu and told my dad that you can get bacon rolls and rolls and sausage, so he's appeased.  And there's a full Scottish breakfast, so my bro will be sorted, though I'm not sure about a pint of Guinness!  I made the reservation for 11:15 so we could have the champagne breakfast if anyone orders it, though me and Paul are splitting the bill, so we're kind of hoping no-one does!

I got my mum a wee cupcake-on-a-stick so she has something from me to open in the morning, though it's full of crap, according to the ingredients list (what's wrong with flour, eggs and sugar for a cupcake?!) but it looks good, and if I made one of my own I'd never get it to stay on the damn stick!

I also flouted my own no-new-clothes-for-Italy rule and bought myself a lovely scarf:
...and the blue sequin shorts from Asos.  I measured myself, had a think, and went for the bigger size than I need, so now I just need to hope - for the first time ever! - that they're small-made so they fit OK.  If there's anything worse than too-tight short shorts, it's got to be shorts that are saggy in the arse.  Frankly, that look doesn't look good on anyone.

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  1. If the shorts are big, you can just take them in a wee bit down the seam.