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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Pierces hit Glasgow

On Saturday night, me and Keira went along to see The Pierces play in Glasgow's o2 ABC.  I managed to get quite last minute tickets and I was so chuffed because I thought they'd sold out.

It was a great gig: despite hanging out in the Polar bar until the support act was finished, Keira and I managed to get right down the front, so I had a perfect view, not stuck behind any tall people!  And the whole gig I was just totally enthralled - their voices are so strong and clear, I never heard them waver, and their harmonies always sounded confident and perfect. 

Although it was mainly an acoustic gig, it was still really mixed up and never dragged or felt 'same-y' - there was guitar solos, a tambourine, and an a cabella duet as an encore... what more can you ask for in a gig, eh?

They have a photo competition on, and some of Cat & Allison's favourite gig pics win some kind of prize, which meant that you could take your camera in with you and I got loads of snaps!  Some of them are better than others - not all the cool lighting showed up, but I got some fairly clear close-ups so I was pleased enough with that.

Afterwards, I convinced Keira to hang around outside so we could see The Pierces coming out.  It took a wee bit longer than I thought, and it was raining and Keira was getting a bit fed up... but then just as we were about to leave, they came out!  So, we got a picture with them and Keira got a sneaky eyeliner-ed autograph!

I had a really great time, and I'm so glad I managed to get the tickets - and that Keira agreed to come along with me, I think she's an all-new fan!  I couldn't afford any of the merchandise, but maybe I'll see if you can buy them online when I have more money.  A lot of their stuff has a cool 'speia/retro' feel, and they have this cool app thing you can try out and transform your pics - I've done it on a few of my own already, here's another one of Keira and I out dancing (I'd just pinched some random guy's hat on the dancefloor... but it looks good for the picture, don't you think?!)

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