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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday chat

Just been to the gym and for some reason it felt much harder going than usual!  Probably cause it's a Sunday, there must be some kind of built-in laziness clause.  Still I did my hour of cardio, though I gave up on the cross-trainer after 10 mins and switched to the bike.  I went running on the treadmill first so then when I hit the cross-trainer I just couldn't hack it!

I suppose I'm glad I made the effort to go cause the more I get into the way of it the less likely I am to fall of the bandwagon. (Or treadmill.)

My dad's away out but I'm hoping when he comes in I can get him to make a pot of soup - his soup is legendary, just what you need on a blah grey day like today!

I was out for a few drinks last night in Boteco do Brazil in Merchant City - one of my favourite places in Glasgow!  The food is cheap and unbelievably tasty, and the drinks are quite cheap with cocktails for £3 during the week.  I'm also happy to report that there's a really hot waiter who I've never seen before.  Maybe he's new, I think I'll have to go back again and check...!

Today I think I'll just be chillaxing and mulling things over - still thinking about going to Italy, and still thinking about doing a make-up artistry beginners course and saving up to a professional one down in London.  I think I'd actually love that but it's a bit daunting to think of breaking out and doing something so new and completely different...  So much to think about, so little idea about what would be best!?  Argh.  At least the beginners' make-up course would be funded by ILA, so I might as well do it and see where it gets me... If I hate it then at least I won't have wasted the money on the longer course in London.  Then again there's the whole thing: where would I stay when I was doing it in London, how would I support myself, would I stay down there permanently after I finished it?  Who knows!?

And, of course, if I did decide to go Italy, none of this would even matter.

My brain is now fried.  I'm off for a strong coffee and a shower before I self-combust. 

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