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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Flower Power

In my wee hair-oriented post earlier I forgot to include pics of the thing that kicked off my accessory joy in the first place.


This 'hair stick' (I don't know why they're called sticks, but they are) is something I bought when I was still living in Valencia.  There was a big 'medieval' market in the bull ring and they had loads of lovely jewellery, as well as these hair flowers, soaps, clothes, and tonnes of food.

When I was looking at the hair sticks, the woman on the stall showed me how to use it and talked me into buying one.  What she didn't mention until the last minute was that it would be 15€!  I kind of felt like I'd been ripped off at the time, but now I'm glad I bought it.

You can either put your hair in a bun and then use the stick to keep it in, or - and this is how I do it, cause my hair's still a bit short for a real bun - you can put your hair in a chignon and secure it with the stick. 

From this picture here it doesn't look all that secure because my hair's kind of falling out at the bottom, but that's cause I missed some of my hair when I put it in for the picture, and in actual fact, if you use it right it stays in place for hours and keeps your hair really secure.

A very nice alternative to boring bobbles and hairbands, I think you'll agree!

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