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Friday, 11 March 2011

Say No To Rape

This evening is the vigil organised by the Glasgow Feminist Network, to say that the recent rapes (reported and unreported) in Glasgow city centre and west end are not acceptable and that more must be done to stop this happening.  Also, as far as I know there have been no arrests made for any of these rapes, to which we all want to know:  why the hell not!?

Please show your support and come along to out peaceful protest, it's on from 5pm til 6:30pm tonight (Friday 11th) in George Square, Glasgow.  Everyone is welcome, men and women, and nothing will be asked of you other than to show up!  Even if the weather's not great, it's only 90 mins and when you think of the rape rates vs. conviction rates here in Scotland and the UK, it gives you a good reason to brave the cold.

According to Rape Crisis Scotland [for the year 2009-2010]:

  • There were 884 rapes reported to the police.
  • Of the 884 recorded, 92 were prosecuted.
  • And of these 92 prosecutions, only 41 led to convictions.

So that's 41 of 884, which statistically means if you are raped and you report it to the police, you have a 4.68% chance of your attacker being held accountable.

And please remember, this refers only to rapes that were reported; for obvious reasons there aren't statistics to show what the conviction percentage would be if you included all the victims who were too afraid to go to the police.

Please come along and give us 90 mins of your evening to show that you don't think this is a reasonable statistic.

Here's an article in Thursday's Evening Times, regarding our vigil.  {NB, it's Christina Carlisle, not Christine as written!}

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