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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Why weren't we born in the 1920s?

Oh what a night.  Met Hannah and Keira for coffee at 5:30 and then me & Keira went round to Sloane's for our 2 for 1 macaroni cheese bonanza and it was lush.  The bottle of wine also helped it go down, natch. 

AND then we decided to have a wee drink of brandy afterwards, because... well, who needs a reason?  But instead of staying at Sloane's we headed round to Rogano's on Royal Exchange Square and there we propped up the bar to the sound of Billie Holiday and had our brandy. And then we decided to order a wee plate of oysters, seeing as that's Rogano's speciality, it was only £9 for a plate of 6, and I'd never had them before.  Well, I still have the fishy aftertaste in my mouth, but they were devine.  I highly recommend them to even the most skeptical of people.  We had another brandy and hung out at the bar, lamenting the fact that we weren't about in the twenties to be Flapper girls, listen to jazz every night, eat oysters and drink gin and whisky as a matter of course, whilst wearing pearls and fringy dresses. 

All in all, a very nice, and original night.  And we only spent about £20 each over the whole night!  Sweet!

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