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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Holiday Time

Yup, off to Tenerife this morning, good times.  I'm a bit knackered cause I went to this family party thing last night and didn't get away til after 11, so we didn't get home til 12ish and then I fannied about for a while before I went to bed.  Never mind, maybe I'll sleep on the plane!

Bought the Dawn French memoirs, so I'll read that on the plane.  I started reading the first wee bit on the train home from town yesterday to get me into a wee bit and I was nearly killing myself laughing already, so I think it bodes well!

After much deliberation, I've decided to take my laptop with me to Tenerife.  Hopefully while I'm there I can put some time to good use and get my CV re-written and stuff, even if I don't actually get online.  Also, if I get bored I can play games on the plane.  It's a 5 hour flight which always seems uber long, to me!

Anyway, coffee time I think.  See y'all in a week!

P.S.: I'm happy to report that although bbc weather has been saying all week that it'd be hail and rain showers while we were there... now it's saying that it'll be sunny all week.  Ahoy!

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