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Friday, 28 January 2011

End-of-Night Chat

Just been to see Black Swan, with Hannah and a couple of her pals.  I thought it was really amazing, though I did hide behind my scarf at several points.  The girl sitting across the aisle from me kept doing really comedy jumps, but some parts were a bit squeamish, I must admit.  Loved the dancing, and the makeup, and Natalie Portman. After years of not knowing if I loved or loathed her, I am happy to say I am finally convinced by her, once and for all. 

I had a well-expensive glass of wine in the cinema bar (should have known better) and a random bag of Revels, which I've just realised I love!  Does anyone remember when they were called Strollers, back in the day, and they came in a Cadbury-blue packet?

I had high hopes for 2011 being a much happier year than 2010 but so far one of my friends has lost a job and a boyfriend in the same week, and I just read on my other friend's blog that her Grandad has passed away. 

I really don't know how I'll cope when my granny dies, even though just it really seems that she'll live forever.  Makes me appreciate the time I have with her, and the chances I have to go on holiday with her and go for lunches with her when I'm not working.  Sometimes she'll tell you the same story you've heard a hundred times before, but lots of other times she tells other stories and I learn a little bit more about her that I never knew before.  I never met my dad's parents, and my mum's dad died when I was only wee, so my granny is the only one I've really gotten to know and I'm really glad to still have her around.

Enough heavy stuff for one post, I think.  I just need to finish packing and then I have a Body Balance class to go to tomorrow, and then meet ED for lunch/brunch/cocktails I think. 

I think I'll stick my electric blanket on now so it's toasty for getting in to bed, and toss whatever else I need into my case, rather than try to do it tomorrow.  I have that Katy Perry song stuck in my head and I'm really hoping it won't keep buzzing round my brain when I'm trying to get to sleep, it'll seriously drive me mad.  

Baby, you're a fiiiiiiiiiiiiire-work!

Oh yeah, for anyone who's interested, I jsut signed up for an awesome yoga deal, at the Merchant City Yoga company.  You get 10 lessons for £20 which works out as a saving of 75%.  As far as I know, once you've paid you can take the 10 classes any time over the next year.  Click here if you want to sign up or read more!

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